Every organisation is different in the way it is organised, the way it is managed and directed and the way it performs.  All organisations, however, have a common goal - to produce a product or service.  Since we spend a major part of our lives at work, we must find a work/life balance. The most valuable resource all businesses have is their Human Resources. Having a committed,productive and happy workforce is a necessity for an organisation to be successful in todays competitive business world. Job satisfaction results in staff retention. 

The key to success in any business is the ability to communicate effectively with others, to inspire them to share your vision and goal. Yet communication is often difficult if personality type is not taken into consideration. This is because people tend to believe that others think the same way they do. They believe that others have the same motivations, values, and priorities—although this is usually not the case. 

We custom design every training to suit your requirements for your organisation.  This is done in consultation with you and takes into account your required outcomes, budget and timeframes.  Please call MaryAnn on 0418 181 515.  



Emotional Intelligence and the Enneagram


Emotional intelligence is the greatest predictor of success, outdistancing IQ and job experience, in every industry and everyorganisational level.






  • Understanding Communication styles

  • Communication style feedback

  • How to change your communication style

  • Removing your blindspots.






  • Understand how your Enneagram style affects the way in which you give feedback

  • Learn the Feedback formula

  • Understand feedback preferences for each style

  • How to give style-specific feedback


  • Reactions to conflict

  • Preventing, de-escalating and resolving conflict

  • How to use anger for self-awareness and development 


  • Team behaviour

  • Team goals and interdependence

  • Team roles

  • Stages of Team Development 

  • Paradigms

  • Derailers

  • Leadership profiles

  • Decision making

  • Daily activities for each style

  • Transformations of the Head

  • Transformation of the Heart

  • Transformations of the Body



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