About Us


MaryAnn Birkbeck  B.A.

  • Director - The Enneagram Institute of Queensland 
  • Director - IEA Australia Ltd
  • IEA Certified Enneagram Teacher  
  • Managing Director of Medium-sized business for 20 years 
  • Bachelor of Arts–Communication 
  • Coach U–Life Coach
  • Balanced Life Strategist
  • Public Speaker


Mark Birkbeck  B.Bus., FCPA

  • Director - The Enneagram Institute of Queensland 
  • Director - IEA Australia Ltd
  • Fellow of Australian Society of CPA’s 
  • Bachelor of Business
  • IEA Certified Enneagram Teacher
  • Riso-Hudson Trained
  • Lapid-Bogda Trained

Specialising In

One and two day workshops in:

  • The Enneagram and Communication One Day Training
  • Enneagram Feedback
  • Enneagram Conflict
  • Team Development
  • Leadership
  • Change

Personal Statement

We are part of the Enneagram Institute Network. To have this opportunity to share the wisdom of this extremely powerful tool, from the worlds foremost thinkers on the subject, is an honour. Over the course of many years in finance and industry we have realized there is an unmet need for personality typing to facilitate more effective communication with others. By understanding personality types, we are able to deal much more effectively with conflicts, ineffective work habits, personal issues, and relationship problems. If we want to maximize our effectiveness, we need to learn how to manage different types of people and how to relate to different types of clients. The Enneagram is the most detailed system of understanding human behavior and motivation, personal growth and transformation.



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