Coaching is a collaborative relationship with your success being the only agenda.  Your Personality Style is identified and you are coached according to your Personality Style as the focus. This focus gives remarkably quick and insightful results as your unique gifts, talents, motivations, blind-spots, fears and desires are identified and worked with.  

Why use an INTERNATIONALLY Qualified Personal Coach?

·      You want to understand yourself and others.

·      You want to identify and eliminate old habitual patterns.

·      You want to clarify your life direction.

·      You want to understand what drives you – why you make the same decisions and get the same results.

·      You would like more joy, fulfillment, inner peace, or balance in your life. 

·      You want to be heard and understood.

·      You want to be more self-aware.

·      You want to be more consistently successful at having what you want in life.

·      You want to improve your communication style.

·      You want to be more successful with less effort.

·      You want to prevent conflicts with others.

·      You want a cleaner alignment between how you live your life and what you most value.

·      You want to have more energy and vitality.

·      You want to know what your personality blind-spots or challenges are.


Who is your Coach?

MaryAnn Birkbeck is an Internationally Accredited Life Coach.  She has trained extensively with The Enneagram Institute (Riso-Hudson) and Organisation Development Consultants, Ginger Lapid-Bogda PhD in the United States.  She is a certified teacher with the International Enneagram Association (IEA) and has been consulting to clients and teaching for over10 years.

Her clients become more  successful, effective, balanced and fulfilled in all areas of their lives.  Her clients include people from all walks of life - from stay-at-home mums to Executives.

She is  committed to understanding you, as her client, and contributing to your personal growth and professional development.  What she brings to each session is the wisdom, insight and clarity that she has gained from her life’s experiences.  She will tell you the truth as she sees it from a personality perspective, challenge you, inspire you, support you, and assist you in having a balanced life, meeting your defined personal and professional goals. 



Our Coaching process is founded on these 10 Core principals:


1. Unique Individuals - All clients are viewed as unique individuals who are ready to recognise their own gifts and talents as well as their limitations.  Each personality style has unique core strengths and blindspots.

2. Action oriented - Plans and goals are great, but must be accompanied by actions or they are merely unfulfilled dreams.  Your Coach will work with you to set goals at the beginning of the coaching relationship. There will be homework; specific action steps to take at the end of each session

3. Trust and Partnership - Every great coaching relationship is built on mutual trust between the Coach and Client.  It is a partnership with your success being the only agenda.

4. Accountability and Truth telling - As Coaches we will hold you accountable for your stated actions and goals.  We will tell our clients the truth, as we see it — even when it is something they don’t like and especially when they don’t want to hear it.

5. Goal focused - The Coaching relationship is centered around achieving your specific goals.  We use your Enneagram Style core motivations and basic desires to achieve your best results.

6. Results driven - Your Coaching must produce beneficial results to be a worthwhile investment.  Measurable goals and desired outcomes are set up at the beginning of the coaching relationship.

7. Confidentiality - What is said between the Coach and Client stays between them.  No one will know you are being coached unless you tell them.  Confidentiality on our part is absolutely guaranteed.

8. Values based - We strongly believe happiness is achieved by living according to one’s values.  You can use Coaching to clarify your values and learn how to live your life in accordance with them.

9. Focused on developing strengths - Every person has strengths and weaknesses.  With Coaching you will learn how to maximize your strengths rather than simply trying to minimize your weaknesses.  Our Coaching process will help you discover your unique key strengths.

10. Integrity and honesty - Coaching involves you, the client, being ready to have an honest look at your life:  what’s working and what isn’t.  Coaching is one of the most powerful tools you can use to grow, develop, change, and lead.  You will be treated as a person of integrity and honesty and we will refer you to other professionals if we do not believe we can help you effectively.


Phone MaryAnn on 0418181515 or email for more information.




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