Effective Communication

Effective communication is one of the most important skills that any employee must have. Every aspect of business, and our personal lives is reliant on communicating the intended message effectively.  Even senior management, with the best of intentions can be misunderstood.

Understanding and using the Enneagram in business makes communication more effective when you understand how individuals operate according to their Enneagram Style. The Enneagram takes into account individual differences and basic motivations of personnel. Companies are using the Enneagram worldwide to effectively improve communication skills of staff at all levels. Using this tool to understand individual communication styles will support each personality type to reach their full potential in the workplace. Additionally, organizations benefit as less time is wasted due to misunderstandings, thus increasing the bottom line.



The Enneagram Institute of Queensland run half and full day workshops on Enneagram Communication Styles. Phone 1800181515 or email office@enneagramqueensland.com for more information.


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