Constructive Feedback

Performance feedback is an essential element of effective staff management. The vast majority of people want to make a difference in their place of work. They want to be recognized for their accomplishments and learn how to become even better. People crave feedback that is honest, positive, objective, simple, respectful and fair.

Studies have shown that lack of feedback of job performance has been identified as one of the major barriers to effective work performance.

Understanding and using the Enneagram gives valuable insights into how to give constructive, effective and useful feedback that is interpreted by the receiver as it was intended. Each of the Enneagram Styles has preferred ways of both delivering and receiving feedback. Having knowledge of the nine different ways of giving and receiving feedback is vital for all employees and management.


The Enneagram Institute Queensland runs half day and full day workshops on Effective Feedback in the Workplace. Phone 1800181515 or email for more information.


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