Enneagram Transformations

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Spiritual and psychological help for the growth of each personality type

Don Richard Riso

This book offers an answer to the question 'Now that I know my type, what do I do?' It looks at the nine types from the perspective of healing and compassion. In simple language, it paints a portrait of each type’s central dilemma and provides specific Releases and Affirmations for each type as practices that can awaken us to our higher spiritual qualities. The Release guide us to awareness of the shadow parts of our souls, while the Affirmations remind us of aspects of our True Nature that support us in our growth process. These moving Releases and Affirmations offer a profound psychological inventory of our inner pain and personal strengths.

On another level, Enneagram Transformations can serve as a gentle, meditative introduction to the Enneagram. It includes a brief section the basics of the system, concise type descriptions and practical tips on how the Enneagram can be used in the healing process. The final section offers advice for developing the central skill of self-observation. This book will be particularly useful in all forms of Recovery, such as Twelve Step programs, and Co-dependency work. Anyone interested in using the Enneagram for personal growth will find the tools in Enneagram Transformations invaluable for their self-discovery process.


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