Discovering Your Personality Type - Third Edition OUT OF STOCK

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The basic introduction to the Enneagram with the scientifically validated RHETI, v. 2.5.

Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson

This is the most accessible guide to the Enneagram system, a psychological framework that has many practical uses in daily life. This third edition has been expanded by over 100 pages of new material and contains many new features on how to recognize each type, its 'hidden side' and motivations, its most important relationship issues, each type's main dynamics with the arrows, its three Instinctual Variants, and how each type can grow. The psychological and the spiritual aspects of the system, as well as business, parenting, and personal growth and other practical applications are clearly laid out by the best selling and most relied on authors in the field.

This new, third edition features the independently scientifically validated Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI, version 2.5), as well as a wealth of new material that is invaluable to anyone interested in unlocking the secrets of personality. The RHETI produces a full-spectrum profile of all nine types and their relative strengths in the overall personality, making it a revealing and useful way to determine type. The RHETI also suggests strategies for change and growth, with applications to relationships, professional development, education, vocational counseling, parenting, and more.


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