Enneagram Charts

Price: $69.95


Don Richard Riso & Russ Hudson, Content; Joyce Stenstrom, Design and Production
The Enneagram Institute

The Enneagram Charts are a new way to use, review, and go deeper with the Enneagram. Each Chart is a concise condensation of key materials from the Riso-Hudson books and teachings. They allow you to see useful information 'at a glance' for quick reference. The Enneagram Charts distill key concepts into a few important words that will make learning and teaching the system easier, no matter what your level of expertise. They are a treasure trove of information from the Riso-Hudson teachings which are known worldwide for their precision, clarity, accuracy, depth, comprehensiveness, and practical usefulness.

The Charts include: 1: 'Personality Elements,' 2: 'Working with the Types,' 3: 'Deeper into the Types,' 4: 'The Levels of Development,' 5: 'The Wings,' 6: 'The Instinctual Variants,' 7: 'Type Dynamics & Variations,' 8: 'The Triadic Groups,' 9: 'Spiritual Laws & Principles.'

The Charts are available in laminated hardcopy. This format is A4-size. For more information, including policy for copying and distribution, click here.


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